This is like a crappy livejournal about me having teen angst during adulthood and spending too much money on records.


All was well with his teeth. This was his finale: "I have thought of a better word than awareness," he said. "Let us call it soul."

«Ah! sacredieu, sacredieu! dit Curval, je suis donc plus heureux que lui, car je décharge.»

Le skramz, y'a qu'ça d'vrai.


weed is your best friend.


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Now it’s a shiny Lugia lvl 100. It’s really poorly trained though.

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chillin with Monsieur Noir until my boy comes back home~~

chillin with Monsieur Noir until my boy comes back home~~

yer still a dick.
will never change.

So I got a shiny Entei in a Wonder Trade.

First day at the new job. It’s fun. In a month I’ll have my own place again and all.
Enjoying life. It’s been a long time.

way into you 2.

Had the best weekend in such a long time.
oh sweet lovely boy.

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bored kill me.

bored kill me.

I wish I was dumb.

Je jalouse les autres à qui tu parles même si j’veux juste ta graine si agréable.


J’en pogne des pas si attirants comme ça j’me dit que je paranoïerai pas, mais j’ai le même problèmes qu’avec les cuties.

J’aime ça te faire chier, tu le mérites pas mal bb boy.